Bonding is a procedure using an adhesive and material called resin-based composite to repair any damaged area of a tooth or to improve the aesthetic appearance of someone’s smile.  Dentists use a mild acid to microscopically roughen the area of the tooth to be fixed.  Then an adhesive is applied to the area of the tooth to be restored which allows the composite to adhere to the tooth.  We are sure to use an adhesive that minimizes the chance of tooth sensitivity after the filling is completed.  The composite (tooth colored filling material) can be applied to fill in the area of the tooth needing to be restored.  An intense light to shone on the filling to immediately harden the material. 

Composite can be used to repair areas of tooth decay, teeth fractured by an accident, or close small gaps between teeth.  We take time to make sure the correct shade of composite is used to ensure the filling will perfectly match the patient’s tooth.