Crowns and Bridges

A crown is a restoration used to repair a tooth that has been significantly damaged.  Sometimes a tooth has lost a significant amount of its natural tooth structure and is no longer able to support a basic filling.  The dental crown completely covers the damaged tooth; restoring it to ideal form and function.  Teeth that have had very large fillings placed in the past or have large areas of tooth decay many times will need a crown to bring them back to reliable functioning teeth.

Dr. Crawford and Dr. Jarvis are one of the dentists in Shreveport using a technology called CEREC to design and fabricate crowns in the office!  We are able to digitally scan the teeth needing a crown.  This replaces the traditional way of taking impressions that uses the “goopy” putty material.  From the scan, we are able to design the crown on a computer and fabricate the crown using a robotic milling unit.  This can all be done in one appointment instead of traditionally having to return to have the permanent crown cemented.

Unfortunately, sometimes a tooth is not able to be restored and must be removed.  One of the ways dentists replace missing teeth is to use a bridge.  A bridge is basically one or more false teeth fused and attached to crowns that are permanently cemented in place.   These restorations beautifully restore the missing teeth, and allows the patient to comfortably chew the food.